Sunday 15 June, 2014
Stoke Potters Pair of Ben Wilson and Jon Armstrong refused to be beaten at Mildenhall yesterday afternoon and were worthy winners of the National League Pairs Championship last won by the Club in 2011.

Remarkably they completed the Group stage with an unblemished record of three 7-2 heat wins and began the final the same way.

Mildenhall then got the better of them and for a time looked possible winners but the Stoke duo refused to lie down and dominated their race against Kent to a take a further maximum. Step up Buxton pair of Tony Atkin and Liam Carr curiously both ex Stoke riders who took sufficient points from Mildenhall in the final race to assure Stoke of the title.

Stoke Team Manager Malcolm Vasey said “I was so proud of those lads today we endured the agony of the Heat 3 our only glitch and then the final ecstasy after the last race of the day but what a great meeting. Jon Armstrong’s remarkable back straight overtake in the Group stage between the Buxton pair must go down as the pass of the season. Ben Wilson was also outstanding dominating most of his starts and so assured in his racing.

Stoke also moved up to fourth place in the National League table with a comfortable win in the rain against Buxton on Saturday and they go to Cradley tomorrow (7.30 pm) in good spirits. Unbeaten after three matches they have exceeded their total points haul for 2013 already.

The team is unchanged from Saturday night with Adam Kirby continuing at reserve.

STOKE 21: Ben Wilson 12, Jon Armstrong 9; BUXTON 16: Liam Carr 8, Tony Atkin 8; KING’S LYNN 9: Scott Campos 2/Marc Owen 7; COVENTRY 8: Ryan Terry-Daley 2, Luke Crang 6.

MILDENHALL 18: Joe Jacobs 9, Dan Halsey 9; KENT 15: Simon Lambert 9, Ben Morley 6; CRADLEY 15: Max Clegg 4, Steve Worrall 11; DEVON 6: Richard Andrews 2, James Shanes 4.

STOKE 17: Ben Wilson 8, Jon Armstrong 9; MILDENHALL 16: Joe Jacobs 12, Dan Halsey 4, KENT 12: Simon Lambert 9, Ben Morley 3; BUXTON 9: Liam Carr 5, Tony Atkin 4.