Monday 19 August, 2013
STOKE Easy Rider Potters went down to a 53-42 defeat against the Kent Kings at the Central Park Stadium in the National League on Monday night.

Stoke were hampered right from the start as team manager Malcolm Vasey failed to arrive due to a breakdown on route to the meeting with Len Silver taking charge of the Potters..

The Potters got off to the worst possible start losing the opening two heats by two maximum 5-1 heat advantages before Steve Worrall and Luke Priest gained a 4-2 over Benji Compton before Ben Morley and Jack Kingston continued the Kings domination to leave the Potters trailing 17-7 after the opening four heats.

Daniel Halsey took victory in heat five but partner Shaun Tedham could not find a way past the Kent pairing, but it was the Kings that extended their lead with a 4-2 from Steve Boxall and Connor Coles over Kyle Hughes.

Potters boss Len Silver introduced Steve Worrall as a tactical ride in heat six and he promptly delivered and was followed home by partner Luke Priest for a Potters 8-1 heat advantage to leave the Potters trailing by five points with Kent leading 25-20 after seven heats.

Hughes took victory in heat eight but the Potters went further behind a heat later as David Mason and Compton combined for a 5-1 over Hughes and Shaun Tedham, and this was followed up with a further 5-1 from Boxall and Coles over Worrall and Priest to leave the Potters trailing by thirteen points after ten heats.

Potters guest Daniel Halsey was nominated as a tactical ride in heat eleven but it was Ben Morley who took the chequered flag with Halsey finishing second and Priest third for a Potters 5-3 heat advantage but the Potters were still trailing 41-30 after eleven heats.

Worrall and Potters reserve Lee Payne gained a 4-2 over David Mason in heat twelve to reduce the deficit for the Potters but Boxall and Morley gained a 5-1 in heat thirteen to extend the Kings lead and secure all three points over the Potters with two heats to spare. The Potters gained a 4-2 in heat fourteen from Priest and Payne over Compton to leave the Potters trailing 50-39 with one heat remaining.

Worrall took victory in heat fifteen ahead of Compton and Mason for a drawn heat giving the Kings a comfortable 53-42 victory over the Potters.

Kent 53: Steve Boxall 12, Benji Compton 9+2, Ben Morley 9+1, David Mason 8+1, Jack Kingston 7+1, Connor Coles 6+3, Adam Kirby 2+1
Stoke 42: Steve Worrall 16, Daniel Halsey 9, Luke Priest 7+2, Kyle Hughes 6, Lee Payne 4, Shaun Tedham 0, Luke Chessell R/R